3 Female Abductees Regain Freedom From Boko Haram Captivity

Three young women who were abducted about a year ago have regained their freedom after they had escaped from the captivity of Boko Haram terrorists on Tuesday.

The three females named Mwanret, Komanbing and Hauwa finally made it to freedom after arriving at Monguno from the Tafkin Chadi hell hole of non-state actors.

Two of the girls are Nigerians – one from Borno and the other from Plateau state; while the third lady is a Chadian national.

The 3 Lady’s escape path

Sources familiar with their escape said the girl bolted away from Tumbun Maikoko in Tafkin Chadi general area. Tore their path through the waters and bushes of Kukawa village and made it to Monguno.

The ladies are the latest in the recent sequence of female escapees from Boko Haram camps.

The Nigerian authorities are yet to officially respond to the development.

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