UN Coordinator Recommends 5 Things Nigeria Must Do For Development, Stability

The departing head of the UN humanitarian mission in Nigeria, Edward Kallon said Nigeria’s potential as leader and hope of Africa can only be effective if the country tackles five critical risk factors 

Edward Kallon, UN Humanitarian Coordinator Photo Credit: Abdulkareem/TheHumanitarianTimes

The exiting Humanitarian Coordinator and Country Representative of the United Nations (UN) in Nigeria, Edward Kallon, has said the country remains the bastion of hope for Africa’s greatness if it could tackle five critical risk factors. 

Speaking during his sendforth dinner in Borno state, Northeast Nigeria, Mr Kallon said the first critical risk to be addressed is inequality: “inequality cannot support progress … society must be inclusive for growth.”

He said the second risk factor is “internal security, which challenges the fabrics of social contracts that are critical for the development.” 

He said the third is economic stability which remains the pillar for progress. 

“Justice and rule of law are also critical, while the fifth; displacement and migration also remain major issues that need to be addressed. So in all that we do, these five critical risks are things we should be watching for,” he said.

He said his stay in Nigeria has been an incredible journey, and he appreciates the support of the government and other stakeholders. 

“There are milestones and legacies to build on, but let me tell you today Borno’s greatest strength is social cohesion; we should not allow the social contracts to break.”

Mr Kallon who had served as head of the UN operations in Nigeria since 2016 would be ending his stint this month. He will be heading to Zimbabwe as his next port of duty. 

HumAngle earlier reported how the UN mobilised over $3.2 billion in donor funding for Northeast Nigeria’s humanitarian crisis. 

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