Governor Approves Early Payment of April Salaries Ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr Celebration

By Abdulkareem Haruna

Borno State Governor, Babagana Umara Zulum, has demonstrated his unwavering commitment to the welfare of workers in the state by approving and releasing salaries for April 2023, even though the month is only on its 17th day.

In a statement issued by his media team, the Governor’s decision to release salaries early aligns with his consistent practice of promptly paying wages and pensions throughout his four years in office.

The Governor’s media team further explained that the early payment is intended to enable workers in the state to prepare for the upcoming Eid-il-fitr (Sallah) celebrations, which are expected to occur over the weekend.

Workers across the state have already started receiving credit alerts, with the media team confirming that the Governor has regularly approved early payments for salaries, typically done between the 15th and 17th of affected months, to enable workers to prepare for special occasions such as Eid-il-fitr and Christmas festivals.

“Governor Zulum has always maintained that payment of salaries is not an achievement, as it is simply a debt owed to workers for their services. As such, the Governor has never defaulted on a monthly payment of salaries and pensions and has released over N20 billion to clear gratuities owed to retired workers,” the statement read.

With the early release of salaries for April, workers in the state can now focus on enjoying the festivities with their loved ones, knowing that their ages have been paid promptly. Governor Zulum’s media team conveyed the Governor’s best wishes to all Muslims in Borno State as they prepare for the upcoming Eid-il-Fitr celebration.

Overall, Governor Zulum’s commitment to the welfare of workers in Borno State is a testament to his leadership and dedication to ensuring that the state continues to make progress in all areas of development.

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