KWAYAM: Borno Locals Shot Dead 9 ISWAP Fighters Using Bow and Arrow 

With Bows and Arrows, local Kwayam tribesmen and women of Borno defended their cows and then their lives by killing nine ISWAP terrorists

By Abdulkareem Haruna

In what demonstrated their collective resilience, the Kwayams of Borno, a certain tribe of the Kanuri people known for their fierce bravery in wars, have this week shot dead nine AK47-armed ISWAP fighters even as they saw it as “not a big deal”. 

Earlier reported by Zagazola, a Security Analysis and Counter Insurgency platform in the Lake Chad region, The Humanitarian Times additional investigation discovered that the nine ISWAP terrorists were on revenge attack on villagers of Kakari, in Guzamala local government area of Borno state, for killing two of their fighters. The two slain ISWAP fighters attempted to rustle the villagers cows on Tuesday.

To teach the villagers a lesson, for daring to toy with their members’ lives, the furious ISWAP gunmen “mobilised and stormed Kakari village, riding on seven motorcycles, to carry out the revenge.

But upon arrival at Kakari, the Kwayam villagers “who are also known for their spiritual warfare tactics”, cleared the doubts by first dispossessing the invading terrorists of their AK47 rifles, before shooting them, as they took to their heels, using poisonous bow and arrow that killed them in less than five minutes. 

According to Bits of Borno, a Facebook platform that publishes the ancient culture of Borno people, “the Kwayam tribe is a subgroup of the majority Kanuri tribe in Borno, who are found in rural areas of central and northern Borno where they’ve been eking out a nomadic lifestyle similar to the Fulanis. The difference between the Fulani and Kwayams is that the former roam around with cattle, while the latter seek land for farming and breeding of cows. 

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