Nigerian Air Force Attacks ISWAP As New Leader, Sani Shuwaram, Meets Top Commanders 

Sub: At least 70 members of the ISWAP Shura council may have died on Friday due to bombing by Nigeria Air Force as Sani Shuwaram, the supposed successor of late Abu Mussab Albarnawi, was holding a first major meeting near the shores of Lake Chad on Friday. 

Sani Shuwaram, the new leader of ISWAP. Photo Credit: Military

Reports obtained from credible military sources in Northeast Nigeria have indicated that ISWAP may have been in disarray following an Air Force bombing the location where the new leader of the terror group, Sani Shuwaram, was holding a meeting with his top commanders on Friday. 

The sources said Shuwaram, who has been taking refuge in one of the Tumbuls in Marte local government area, convened a meeting of the Shura council after the Friday congregational prayers yesterday. 

The source said after careful analysis and review of the shared intel which was confirmed on Thursday night, the security forces staged a well articulated aerial and ground operation that led to a successful hit on the spotted location on Friday. 

The source said it was not clear if the new ISWAP Leader, Shuwaram, survived the bombardment. 

“The strike was executed after intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance carried out by the Air Task Force  Wing Loong II unmanned combat aerial vehicle deployed to the scene,” the source said. 

“But an early damage assessment confirmed the successful operation that led to the elimination of more than 70 jihadists, including several high-ranking insurgents’ commanders, foot soldiers and Hisbah police of the ISWAP faction,”  

“On receiving credible Intelligence on Nov. 12. 2021 that about six boats with suspected Boko Haram /ISWAP terrorists were converging for a meeting in Sabon Tumbu and Jibularam on the Lake Chad of Marte, NAF aircraft under Operation Hadin Kai were scrambled to carry out strikes on the targets,” the source said. 

A Boko Haram gun truck recently shelled by Nigeria Air Force in the recent attack in Borno state

The source said the aircraft carried out a series of strikes and scored devastating hits on the targets leaving some survivors scrambling for their lives. 

“We can confirm that some of the ISWAP top Commanders that were at the scene at the time of the strikes include; Muhammed Bako, a Special Militant Forces Commander (Rijal Ann), Muhammad Malumma, a Chief Judge of Marte, Goni Mustapha, the Chief Imam, Muhammed Ba’ana,  Commander of Kirta, Muhammed Ali, Amir of Kwalaram, Ibn Umar, Chief Prosecutor, Bakura Gana, Commander of Jubularam and Malam Musa,  Amir of Jubularam.”

“Others included Abu Umama, Amir of Tudun Wulgo, and  Muhammed Maina, a former Chief Imam and the Leader of Hisbah who was now appointed as the Commander of Sabon Tumb.” 

SEO: Nigerian Air force bombard ISWAP during meeting with new leader

Meta: Nigeria Air Force targeted and shelled their identified location during a meeting of ISWAP commanders led by Shuwaram 

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