Gajiram camp’s fire outbreak kills 2 IDPs

On Monday when a fire incident was reported at Gajiram camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs), only the burnt tents were announced as casualties.

An investigation conducted by The Humanitarian Times revealed that human lives were lost and up to two IDPs burnt to death.

A local chairman of Gajiram IDP camp, Malam Bashir, confirmed in a phone interview with this reporter that “two persons, a child and adult died” in the inferno.

He said two separate fire incidents happened in quick succession in less than 24 hours.

“The first fire outbreak did not claim any life until when the second one happened on Monday afternoon. Over 200 homes were destroyed, and sadly two persons were killed in the fire – and one of them was a child.”

The camp chairman said he was worried that the affected IDPs who are suffering another intra-displacement are yet to receive any form of support days after the fired had burnt their foods and shelter.

“Our people are suffering since the incident because no quick palliative has been brought to them. This is Ramadan fasting season and here we have the camp being left wanting for good and related palliative,” he said. 

With the temperature reading 41 degree Celsius in most of Borno state, fasting IDPs would be facing hell as they await government support for food and sheltering that may not come as soon as possible.

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