Impeachment: Mammoth crowd of supporters welcome Governor Zulum in Maiduguri

An unprecedented crowd of supporters had today stormed the Maiduguri International Airport to welcome and express solidarity for the Governor of Borno state, Babagana Zulum over the recent alleged but dismissed plan to impeach him.

Governor Zulum was away in Abuja last week when the news broke out of the rumour mails that members of the state house of assembly plotted to impeach him. The viral impeachment rumour which emanated from a Twitter post claimed that but for the intervention of the state’s former governor, Kashim Shettima, the lawmakers would have made real their plan to impeach him.

Though the Assembly members have debunked the rumour during an extraordinary sitting on Friday, the members of the party still mobilised on Sunday to welcome him from Abuja and to show him the or support.

Hours to the arrival of the governor, the road leading to the airport became filled up as officials halted the mass movement of the governor’s supporters who had filled up the airport.

Governor Zulum, who flew in a chatterer aircraft, landed at the airport at about 3.45 PM to be received by an unprecedented crowd who kept on chanting “4+4” suggesting they have endorsed his continued leadership till 2027 when his constitutionally allowed 8 years would have expired.

The crowd accompanied the governor to the Government House in a long convoy.

At the Government House, the Deputy Governor, Umar Kadafutr officially welcomed the governor and told him that the crowd that received him from the airport through the streets of Maiduguri was a tester to his soaring popularity.

“Your excellency, as you may have observed the entire assembly and members of our party, APC are all here, which suggested that our party is intact and other is no crack.

While you were away, the state house of Assembly has passed a vote of confidence in you, and that speaks volume about the uncommon unity and harmony in our party and government.

“By the grace of God, we will continue to support you because you remain the best governor that has ever emerged in Borno state and of course the best governor in Nigeria.

A Blessing in Disguise.

The Borno state Commissioner for Housing and energy, Vungas, said the mammoth crowd that welcomed the governor was a precursor to how he has stolen the hearts of the people.

“The rumoured impeachment is also a blessing in disguise because it has accorded the people an opportunity to endorse the governor for a second term. The people have spoken loudly and it is an indisputable affirmation of his leadership in Borno, and we all have agreed that there will be no vacancy in Borno government House till 2027, Insha Allah.”

The Commissioner of Local Government and Emirate Affairs, Sugum Mai Mele, said “though we have never taken the so-called impeachment threat or rumour seriously, we the party members and stakeholder in government have to openly solidarity with our amiable governor.

Let the mischief-makers know that we love our governor and he is somebody I can hold brief for as a man who has Borno at heart. No amount of mischief will dryer him because he is up and doing.”

Governor Zulum mere thanked the crowd for the warm welcome as he declined making further comments on the issue.

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