IMPEACHMENT UPDATE: Borno Lawmakers pass confidence vote on Governor Zulum

The 28 members of the Borno state House of Assembly have today at an extraordinary sitting passed a confidence vote on the person of Babagana Zulum as the state governor.

The Assembly members passed the confidence vote following social media post in which it was alleged that some members of the Assembly had plotted to remove the governor from office over some unclear irreconcilable differences. 

The rumour which trended off a Twitter post claimed a former governor of the state saved the governor’s head at a meeting in Gombe state.

Reacting to the trending rumour and in a bid to clear their names, the state lawmakers convened an extraordinary sitting on Friday where they unanimously passed a confidence vote on the governor. 

Standing on Orders 8 and 9 of the House, the leader of the Borno House of Assembly, Mohammed Dige, moved the motion calling on the members to dissociate themselves from the alleged impeachment plot and pass a vote of confidence on the state Governor. 

The members took a turn to express their displeasure over the rumoured impeachment plot and affirmed their continuous support for the governor. 

The deputy speaker of House, Muhammed Askira described the impeachment rumour as “malicious ” stressing that it was something that no one can control.

“But what we can control is our resolve to continually support the governor at all times because he has done more than enough for our constituents. 

A member from the Dikwa state constituency, Honorable Zakariya said ” let the media tell the world that we are not going to impeach our governor because he has not done anyone or the state any wrong.

At the end of the contributions, the Speaker, Abdulkarim Lawan said “the house has passed a vote of confidence in the leadership style of Professor Babagana Umara Zulum. 

“Ordinarily, the house would not have responded to that malicious report but we felt we should speak to avoid innocent members of the general public being misled to believing that false storey especially considering the fragile security of our state and also the giant strides
recorded by Professor Babagana Umara Zulum’s administration in all sectors of the economy. 

“Fact is that we have a very cordial and harmonious working relationship between all arms of the Borno State Government. There was never any problem let alone the so-called attempt motive to remove our hardworking Governor who built and accelerated people’s confidence in governance. 

“The house dismiss that news publication, we commend the mainstream media and reputable online media organizations for ignoring that mischief and we strongly call on relevant security agencies to bring to book, the perpetrators of that malicious news report” 

Details of what the individual members said will be published later…

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