Borno Geographic Information System retreats for improved land administration

The Borno Geographic Information System (BOGIS) is holding a 2-day retreat and capacity building workshop for its staff.

The retreat started on Wednesday holds at the Amani Event centre Maiduguri.

BOGIS, formerly known as the Borno state ministry of land and survey, organised the retreat and workshop to equip the staffers with better skills in the administration of land.

The retreat is said to be one of its first kind since the creation of the state.

Participants are expected to get drilled on topics like Works Ethics and Civil Service rules by Dr Ibrahim Ahmed; Geographic and Land Matters in our lives, by Dr Mohammed Jimme; Impact of internally generated revenue on government activities, by Muhammed Ngubdo; and a session on Computer as a tool in the activities of BOGIS, by the Executive Secretary, BOGIS, Engineer Bababe.

BOGIS chief executive, Engineer Bababe, told journalists that the idea behind the retreat and workshop was to intended tone sure that members of staff at BOGIS understand their core mandates.

“The staff need to know their responsibilities; they should know what particular services they need to render for the number of money people are paying to the government. And when do they need to render the services.

Mr Bababe, a graduate of computer science emphasised that when the populace agree to give sums of money and they don’t get the commiserate service it means the government is not doing performing the functions.

He added that ‘the staff of BOGIS need to know what their ethics are as regards their primary assignments.

One of the paper presenters at the retreat, Muhammed Ngubdo had in his paper, “Impact of internally generated revenue on government activities”, raise discussions around the need for government to make it easy for house owners to have certificates of occupancy which can facilitate access to loan facilities and secured land.

‘There are millions of house in Maiduguri metropolis alone and if BOGIS can leverage on the need to provide C of Os to owners or will be a big income generation channel for the government.

Participants at the discussions identified deep-seated sycophancy, incompetence and favouritism, resistance to change and perpetuation of mundane approach to doing things as major banes of a civil service-driven establishment.

One of the respondents said, “resistance to change has affected every part of our developmental initiatives”.

The workshop also pointed out that the process of issuance of certificates of occupancy is very cumbersome and needs to be reviewed.

It was also noted that traditional rulers who are involved in illegal land administration activities are left without sanctions.

The workshop which is attended by the entire workers of the BOGIS is expected to end today beings its the second and final day.

BOGIS was birthed by an act of legislation in January 2020 when the Borno state government decided to scrap the old state ministry of land and survey.

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