Shekau’s suicidal death may have plunged ISWAP, JAS into leadership crisis

If Shekau truly detonated him self during a meeting with ISWAP leaders, then both JAS and ISWAP members are currently mourning losses…


Significant but yet to be verified inklings suggests that the leaderships of JAS and ISWAP, the two known terror groups in Nigeria, may have been enmeshed in some kind of nasty leadership crisis following the reported death of their founding leader, Abubakar Shekau, on Wednesday.

HumAngle, a Nigerian investigative online with impeccable link to information about armed opposition groups, had published a report indicating that the world longest serving terror leader, Abubakar Shekau, has died.

Mr Shekau, according to the unverified report, died after detonating a suicide vest which he was said to have worn during a truce meeting with rival leaders of ISWAP in Sambisa Forest on Wednesday.

Reports had earlier reached The Humanitarian Times that ISWAP had, invaded a location of Sambisa Forest where Shekau had his secret fortress; and was able to subdue his fighters after hours of heavy gunfight.

It was also reported that ISWAP fighters who stormed Sambisa with superior fire power were able to subdue the once formidable ranks of guards surrounding Shekau until the architect of the 12 years old war was forced to surrender.

According to HumAngle, ISWAP leaders wanted Shekau to give up his commander and declare loyalty to allegiance to ISWAP authority – a proposal  Shekau can only accept in death.

The report said “after his bodyguards were subdued, Shekau surrendered and engaged in an hours-long meeting with the ISWAP fighters.”

During the meeting, when he was asked to willingly forfeit power “and order his fighters in other areas to declare bai’a (allegiance) to ISWAP’s authority”, Mr Shekau secretly pressed the trigger on a suicide vest which blew him and all other persons attending the negotiation meeting.

Two Terror Camps in Disarray?

There are inklings that by the manner Mr Shekau was reported to have ended his life during the meeting, both ISWAP and JAS may have lost very top leaders in the blast.

It is assumed that only top leaders of the insurgent groups can attend such high-level meetings which Mr Shekau brought to end with lethal explosion.

If that is the case, The Humanitarian Times worries that the world should prepare for  stories about ongoing confusion in both camps of the ISWAP and JAS, as both sides would in enmeshed in bloody strife over who would be their new leaders.

It is also a possibility that that the attendant unusual silence that trailed the rumor of possible death of Shekau may not be unconnected with the possibility that the two sides may have lost their key leaders in the suicidal blast.

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