Change your style of leadership, it’s hurting people – Borno Facebook user openly writes Zulum

The facebook user said though Governor Zulum has achieved so much, his strict administrative style, is causing more hardship for the citizens

A Facebook user and citizen of Borno state, Alhaji Hassan Sanda, hasĀ  called on the governor of Borno state, Babagana Zulum, to review his leadership style stressing that some of his policy has inflicted so much pain on the electorate that brought him to power.

Me Sanda, a staff of Ramat Polytechnic insisted that despite the massive achievements of Governor Zulum especially in the area public infrastructure, and his bolddness in handling of the IDPs relocation to their liberated communities, the mass of the citizenry are still languishing in pains, hunger, and abject poverty.

The staff of Ramat ploytechnic whose letter is titledĀ  ‘Open Letter of Suggestions to His Excellency the Executive Governor of Borno State, Professor BGU Zulum’ said he decided to make his identity public because he didn’t want to be like others who would disguise when making such bold comments about the affairs of the state.

The writer said most of the administrative policies of the government, especially the sack or suspension of teachers and other civil servants who were found wanting or not qualified to work has caused so much pains to the affected persons and their families ; as such advised that the Professor-Governor relook at his earlier taken decision.

Citizen Sanda said he stood out to speak because he believed that Mr Zulum listens to good advises which he hardly gets because majority of the citizens of the state are afraid to give him due fear for their job security, and open threats and harassment by the governor’s die-hard supporters.

The Humanitarian Times can confirm that Governor enjoys massive support and love by a cult fellowship that goes beyond the borders of Borno.

But Citizen Sanda insists that his popularity and love from his supporters is waning especially locally where those who directly elected him dwell.

The open letter reads in full:-

Alhassan Sanda, wrote the Open Letter to Governor Zulum

“Sir, you have performed excellently in the distributions of food items to IDPs, construction of township roads at your home town Mafa, and some parts of MMC, renovations of offices and resettlement of some IDPs.

“Sir, the bedevelling or shortcomings, are more than your achievements.

“As our leader, it’s not wise to hide our identity to send you written or voice message. Majority of ur electorates, wishes to express their minds, but due to fear for loss of job, schedules, property, and threats to life by ur loyalists, makes them to ascribed everything to almighty Allah.

“Sir, in this present situation in Borno State, wallahi it’s highly difficult or almost impossible to get one person out of 10,000 praising you and your administration. There’s therefore, the needs to change your administrative styles because it is too boring.

Sir, if you doubt, disguise as ordinary person and move round the city to probe it urself to judge whether youu are loved or not. However, it’s not too late to rectify the situation.

Some of the possible steps are by reinstating the sacked teachers and LG staff without salary for 9 months. Those that are found guilty, should be given amnesty to resit for SSCE. If FG can give amnesty to Niger Delta Militants and Boko Haram, so should be for them.

Sir, you should implement the 18,000 and 30,000 minimum wage for teachers and LG staff. Since 2012 to date, they’re receiving the old minimum wage of naira 7500.

Sir, it’s their right not a previledge. Sir, you should pay retirees gratuities and pension from 2018 to date.

Also, you should upgrade the monthly pension of pensioners,. Majority of them are receiving below 4500 to 6000 naira after successful 35 years in service.

“Sir, over six years now no payments of promotion benefits, leave grant and annual increments to either of the staff ( both state and LG). Sir, food items are very costly due to market monopoly by the association members.

“Dissolve the commodity board, regulate and monitor the food prices. Sir, there’s a problem of transportation due to halting tricycle by you ( Keke Napep), peoples are suffering, you should allow entry of tricycle into the state.

“Sir, the problem of the city is not high number of keke Napep, but inadequate township roads. Sir, no effective road linkages in the city.

Screen-grab copy of the letter

“Again,sir, liase with Federal ministry for transportation to remove all rail lines in the city. Sir, try to employ our teeming youths without job.

“The only job opportunity opened was keke napep. No single established industry or factory to employ labour.

Sir, reduce the tax levy you introduced. It’s too early to collect tax in the state because the insurgency is not over and the tax payers, are the IDPs.

What you are getting from NGOs, federal government, North East Development Commission, are enough for you to run the state without collecting Kobo as tax. Infact, starting from former Governor Maina Ma’aji Lawan to Senator Kashim shettima, none of them introduced tax regimeas you do.

“Sir, all the structures and it’s like in the state, were done by the former with Federal allocation. Sir, the desaster done by Boko Haram in the past 12 years, can take another 12 years for us to cure.

“God bless you sir. Long live Governor Zulum. Long live Hassan Sanda. Long live Bornocians. Thank you.

From Alhaji Hassan Sanda.

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