“Why my Foundation is supporting education, ICT capability” – Zaufanjimba

On Saturday, at about noon, the iconic Elkanemi Hall of the University of Maiduguri was filled to an appreciable capacity as the Zaufanjimba Foundation (ZF) celebrated the graduation of 89 students who had undergone various intensive skills acquisition training in the realms of information communication technology (ICT).

A total of 89 graduates got Diploma certificates in different aspects of ICT including web development and general computer appreciation.

ZF is the foundation created and solely owned by a distinguished character, Adamu Lawan, the present Commissioner for Finance and Economic Development in the Borno state government.

Since its establishment some years ago, the foundation has provided scholarship to well over 1,489 candidates to acquire ICT knowledge as an alternative skills to support their various fileds of learning.

The CEO of ZF, who is popularly known as Zaufanjimba, gave cash reward and different offers for scholarships to all the best graduating candidates and beneficiaries of his scholarship in ICT training.

Delivering a well-articulated speech at the event, Honorable Lawan expressed his delight as witnessing another occasion of the Graduation Ceremony of youth trained on ICT.

He said it was the Foundation’s deliberate effortrtaking “toward breaking the barriers to ICT opportunities for youths and providing them opening to enjoy the numerous benefits associated with ICT knowledge and skills in this modern time when everything is tied to computer.”

He said it is the choice of the Zaufanjimba Foundation to invest in ICT skill development of the teeming unemployed and unskilled youth population in our state is hinged on the fact that, youth constitute17% of the world’s population and 40% of the world’s unemployed according to the International Labour Organization.

“Similarly, we are equally aware that; for many youths, finding a way to sustain selves and their current or future families through some kind of employment or livelihood is difficult to achieve top priority,” he said.

He noted that “most urban youths nowadays are aware of the potential of ICT to support them in development and search for livelihoods, hence the resolve of Zaufanjinba Foundation to support this critical sector to provide the needed opportunities to the youth towards the realization of their dreams and potentials.

He said Z.F “is equally concerned about the flight of massively displaced youths from the local governments to the metropolis which adds to youth joblessness in the state capital and environs”.

“Given the above, we consider the creation of youth economic opportunities like the one we have been doing as a key pull factor for youth migration, drug addiction and recruitment into all sort of social vices and terrorism, with the support of our technical partners; Team Picollo Global Enterprises Kano and Future With Technology Maiduguri who have proved to be supportive partners by not only seeing to the success of the programme but facilitated the training electronically in compliance with National and International Covid-19 prevention protocols.”

“Having realized these, ladies and gentlemen, we will do whatever possible within our capability to reduce the incidences of young people migrating or becoming bad eggs due to the lack of opportunities for employment and personal growth and development in their places of living in the city centre or home communities.”

“Today’s ceremony distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, is to celebrate successful graduation of a total of 89 Diploma Certificate holders out of the157 we secured admission to study, which represents about 60% success rate.

“They are trained in Diploma in Computer appreciation 27 in number and web-design and development 45. I congratulate all of you for being able to make it to the final especially those of you that have emerged best students and encourage those who failed to try their luck again whenever we open another window or elsewhere.

“In addition to that, it may interest you to know that, already beneficiaries of the third batch of the ZF continuing computer training programme numbering 1,200 are currently in session while plans are on to recruit beneficiaries for the next batch in succession.

“In total, since the beginning of the Diploma Computer training programme last year we have trained about 1,489 and we are still counting

“May I therefore, use this opportunity to thank all of you for always taking your time to identify with us whenever we are holding such progrmmes and call on all well-meaning individuals and organisations to assist youth training events even if it means training one youth par session and anyone willing to partner with Zaufanjinba Foundation to boost youth skill development and training in various entrepreneurial fields are welcomed.

“So that, together we can reach even the hard to reach youths in the hard to reach areas for holistic approach to addressing their problems for jobs and training availability.

“Finally, l like to say that His Excellency, and our amiable governor, Professor Babagana Umara Zulum, has done his best and he is still doing more to promote and revive the education sector for our youth in Borno state. It will not be out of place for individuals and well meaning members of the Borno community to come in and support his effort so that together we all can take our state to greater heights.

“I wish to state that; Promoting youth employment and employability requires integrated effort that includes actions in the areas of education, skills development, job supply and support for young low-income entrepreneurs, particularly in the knowledge intensive sectors.

“While is clear that there is an extensive potential for ICT to assist in this direction subject to a range of supporting strategies by public and private sector actors.

“Congratulations to all of you.”

Thank you all once again for coming and listening.

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