NIGERIA: 35% COVID-19 deaths from SouthWest – NCDC records reveals

The six states of South-west Nigeria have so far accounted for the 35.2 per cent of deaths associated with the new Coronavirus disease, the latest updated records of the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) indicates. 

The states of Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, Osun, Ekiti, Ondo have so far returned total of 715 deaths, which is the  highest regional COVID-19 deaths in Nigeria out of the 2,030 national death toll reported on Monday March 22. 

The six states also accounted for 75,309 (46.5%) of the total confirmed cases of COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria. As at March 22, 2021, Nigeria’s total confirmed cases of the pandemic was 161,868.  

Lagos continues to maintain its lead of the disease with a total of 57, 337 confirmed cases which represents 35.4 per cent of the total confirmed cases in Nigeria. 

The high number of cases coming from the South-West, a region of the country that is considered more enlightened has continued to beat the imagination of many Nigerians. It is observed that there is more COVID-19 campaign awareness in the South west compared to any other sub-regions of the country. 

However, the five states of South-south of Nigeria account for 11.1 per cent of the total COVID-19 related deaths in the county/ with 418 death cases record so far. Edo States, which is considered the most educated south-south leads in the sub-region with 192 death cases. 

The South-East Nigeria accounts for 137 of the deaths related to COVID-19 which represents 6.7 per cent of the national death toll. Imo lead the sub-region with 36 death cases. 

Coming up to the northern Nigeria, the North-West region accounted for the total of 261 deaths related to COVID-19 which represents 12.8 per cent of the national figure. Kano, being the largest and most cosmopolitan state in the sub-region takes the lion share of 110 of the deaths linked with COVID-19. It is however on record that though many people in Kano and Jigawa had died of ailment which shared similar symptoms with COVID-19 it took the governments of the two states some times to admit that the pandemic had hit their states. 

The Northeast Nigeria accounts for 161 deaths as a result of COVID-19 which represents approximately 8 per cent of the National figure in the country. Gombe state leads the region with 44 death cases. 

The North Central states has recorded 32O of the deaths related to COVID-19 in Nigeria which represents 15.7 per cent of the total national figure. Abuja being the federal capital territory leads 156 deaths.

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