Day Nigeria Air Force neutralizes ISWAP gun truck from the skies

Coordinated attack by Nigeria troops saw helicopter gunner destroying ISWAP gun truck at Katarko village of Yobe state

Saturday, October 23, 2021,, was indeed a big day for Nigerian troops when the air component of Operation Hadin Kai tactically bombed a deadly gun truck of ISWAP fighters on the way for a major attack in Yobe state, northeast Nigeria.

The operation demonstrated tact and synergy now being deployed by the Nigerian military on the front line.

According to information received by The Humanitarian Times, it turned out a bad day for ISWAP fighters when their major attacking gun truck got neutralized in the way to assault Katarko, a village in Gujba local area of Yobe state.

“ISWAP suffered heavy casualties in Katarko village in Gujba LGA, Yobe State, northeast, after devastating bombardment by the Air Task Force Operation Hadin Kai,” a top military source who shared detailed photos of the operation said.

The air support came in handy as ground troops were engaging the terrorists to wade off a major attack on Katarko.

An action photo shared with The Humanitarian Times shows a destroyed gun truck lit with flames while the bodies of its killed passengers sprawled around it on the bush path.

Yobe is one is the BAY states that have been battling with the Boko Haram insurgency since the war fully erupted in 2010.

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