GBV: Why Humanitarian Actors Cannot Fall In Love, Marry Persons Affected By Comflict

For the past two days I have been attending another workshop, or (in my own case) refresher session, on Gender Based Violence (GBV) at the Radio Ndarason Office which was facilitated by the UNDP.

Just like other of such GBV training the sessions would at some points become charged when participants try to contrast their earlier held views about certain issues with the new knowledge they are being exposed to. It is even more interesting when the participants are predominantly journalists.

The workshop reminded us about the definition of GBV and why violence directed against a person because of that person’s gender is wrong, inexcusable and a crime.

In fact the two fantastic young facilitators Esther and Jabani were amazing in their eloquent prrsentations of the modules especially when enlightening us on the core guiding principles of GBV which are  safety; confidentiality; respect; nondiscrimination; and honestly etc.

The session gets heater and more interesting when it got the module that has to do with the relationship between humanitarian worker and survivors or persons affected by conflict.

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