Maiduguri girl needs N1.04 million for hip replacement surgery or risk ever walking, having a child

23 years Maryam whose father is from Yobe state is an indigene of Borno by birth

Maryam Musa, a dazzling beautiful girl was 22 years old when she had a nearly fatal accident that led to the damage of her hip bones.

The accident occurred in Maiduguri, Borno capital when reckless driver knocked down the Keke Napep commercial tricycle that she boarded.

Ever since that dark day of July 11, 2020, Ms Maryam has not been able to walk with both of her feet again. Even as she depended on crutch for support to move around her home, the pains on the hips has been a ceaseless torture. He pelvic bone has been knocked.

Her poor parents had exhausted all that they could do, medically, to help Maryam walk but she has not been able to.

Doctors said the only solution that guarantees Maryam’s hope of walking is to replace her hip bones – a surgical procedure that will cost the parents over N1.04 million.

Ms Maryam and her family had no one to run to; neither do they have a shoulder to cry on. They even lacked the voice to make their case. In their pitiable state of despair, the families resort to prayers for God to ease the pains for her.

Ms Maryam, a secondary school certificate holder, could not proceed to any higher institution because her poor parents lacked the means. But the young girl who was determined at further her education decided to pick a petty trade through which she intends to save money and also help to assist her parents with something to feed.

An x-ray showing Ms Maryam’s knocked pelvis

It was while she was on her way back from hawking her wares that she got knocked down. An accident that now threatens her plans for a brighter future.

Somehow, the case of Ms Maryam got the attention of Ummin Rashida Care Foundation (URCF), a celebrated little NGO that has become popular for reaching out to the real poor and needy in Borno state.

Ms Maryam with Ms Aisha CEO URCF-Nig

When officials of URCF-Nig visited the home of Ms Maryam to find out how they could help out, they discovered that all that the girl needed to get her feet and future back is N1.04 million.

“We found out that the 23yrs old Maryam is suffering from what was described as fracture dislocation of the left hips, which she got as a result of car and Keke Napep accident on the 11th of July 2020 around State Hotel of GRA, Maiduguri, said Aisha Adamu, the CEO of URCF-Nig told The Humanitarian Times.

Ms Aisha said from the medical records provided by the family, Ms Maryam and her parents were at the National Orthopaedic Hospital Dala, Kano on June 29, 2021, where medics said they needed the sum of One million, Forty-Two thousand, two hundred and eight Naira and Seventy-Five Kobo(N1,042,308.75) to get her shattered hips fixed.

“The poor parents can’t afford such an amount, so they had no choice than to bring her back home,” said Ms Aisha.

“Maryam is now at home waiting for what the Almighty will do”.

The URCF-Nig said as a nonprofit organisation they do not have such resources to help the poor girl; instead, they are calling on spirited and well-meaning Nigerians and people of Borno state to donate generously to save Maryam.

URCF-Nig has as usual launched a crowdfunding campaign to help generate the N1.4 million needed to replace the hip bones of Ms Maryam.

“Ummin Rashida Care Foundation(URCF-NIG) is calling on the general public to kindly save the life of this young lady from the over one year of pain and suffering, we are all together in this gesture, we can do it if we believe we can!”

The URCF-Nig has called on any wiling helper or donor to use the bank details below to send what ever they have as donation.

“Any one blessed with donation should kindly use this bank account account details: Account Name: 1017268324
Account Name: Umminrashida Care Foundation
Bank: Zenith Bank.

The Humanitarian Times has also confirmed that Ms Maryam and parents live in a small house near GRA Maidgueuû behind NIPOST Maiduguri

Ms Maryam’s father, Musa Buba Bumsa is originally from Bumsa village in Gulani Local government area of Yobe State.

For inquiries , Contact URCF-Nig on this number: 0802 080 5968 / 0703 925 3773 Or The Humanitarian Times via 07034246574

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