PDP Calls Out Borno Government Over N500 Million Spending on Departing IDPs

The main opposition party in Borno has today criticized the ruling APC government in Borno state over the announced spending of N500 million as part of the exit package given to the departing IDPs of Bakassi Camp.

“Borno state government had on Friday, November 19, 2021, announced the closure of Bakassi IDP camp after distributing an exit palliative to the IDPs which included raw food and cash. The government said a total of N500 million was exhausted at the camp as each IDP head of household got N100,000 each, while housewives got N50,000 accordingly.

This spending did not go down well with the opposition PDP who issued a statement to condemn the entire process.

Amos Adziba, the state publicity secretary of PDP issued a statement that went viral on the social media.

His statement reads: “PEOPLE DEMOCRATIC PARTY  PDP Borno state, calls For probe and distance itself from the .5 billion  jamboree for Departing IDP’s ,describing it as a Scene in a school play and a minds game targeting at scoring  cheap  political points.

“The party stated that the media gimmicks and propaganda to score cheap political popularity within and outside the state is gradually fading up as people within and outside the state have started getting the real feelers of what is happening, the party advised the government to at least be sincere in their dealings as such media tricks are becoming obsolete.

The party through its spokesman stated that the analysis of the whole jamboree is laughable, the number of hours claimed to have been spent, and the total number of the serviced IDP’s in the Bakassi camp, as well as the amount, does not tally even in simple arithmetic for Eg. 500,000,000 ÷ 100,000 = 5000 persons and it takes a minimum of 5 min to service an IDP (with only cash . Less foodstuff) who has a verification token 5min × 5000 per person= 25,000 min 25,000 ÷ 60 min = 416.6hrs(17.3days) and with less than 50 persons sharing the said amount this cannot be achieved in less than 8.33hrs, where ss the number of persons sharing the said amount is less than 15.

The Borno state PDP reminding the state Govt that there will be a time those claims will be revisited and those funds must be accounted for, we are in a Democratic dispensation People should be enlightened, questions need to be asked and answers MUST be given.

The party further stated that the government has abandoned its primary responsibilities and has practically turned its scale of preference upside down and channel its energy and resources to the house to score cheap political popularity, where else the condition on the ground is worrisome,  harsh and unbearable for an average Borno citizen. the high rate of unemployment is now the order of the day, money in circulation very poor, prices of commodity skyrocketing by the day, heavy and unrealistic taxes,  small scale businesses vanishing,   payments of gratuities and other emoluments unfeasible, human rights abuses on the increase, local governments only exist on the pages of newspapers. 

The party however stated that the Govt. Should devote much of its time in the provision of ONLY electricity to the state capital that has  been in TOTAL DARKNESS FOR THE PAST 11 MONTHS, rather than this unrealistic claims, the party advised the people of Borno to use the Government

Current score card  and make wiser decisions coming  2023 general elections because the APC led administration has failed woefully in discharging its primary responsibilities.

“We are calling on those celebrating governor  Zulum APC  led administration, From Afar to come and have a little questionnaire analysis of the present situation on the ground before being judgmental”.

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