Something economically  breathtaking is soon to happen in Yobe

As Governor Buni’s dream of ultramodern markets comes to fruition

In the next few weeks, something breathtaking and highly spectacular will unfold in the fast developing town of Damaturu, the Yobe state capital.

A contractor handling one of the numerous ultra-modern markets construction projects across the main cities of Yobe had promised to deliver Damaturu’s market in the next few weeks. 

When that eventually happens, the Yobe state capital would be ushering traders and commerce merchants into its first-ever organised open market since the creation of the state 28 years ago.

Yobe’s governor, Mai-Mala Buni,will thereby go into history as the man who envisioned the project as part of his laudable plans to expand the economic frontiers of the young state.

Created on  27 August 1991, Yobe would be marking its three decades of existence in the next five weeks.

Carved out of the old Borno state, Yobe had in the past 28 years of its existence continued to trail behind even its contemporaries especially in the areas of economic developments.

Those who know Yobe and the state capital can confirm that residents of of Damaturu had been using the shanty Sunday Market that the state inherited 27 years ago.

In October 2019, Governor Buni laid the foundation stone of the N2.8 billion Damaturu Ultra Modern market, as he began to unfold his economic transformation agenda of Yobe. The market was to be completed in 12 months by a civil engineering firm, Euro Afric Energy Ltd.

During the groundbreaking event, Governor Buni said six other towns across Yobe state would also have similar markets because of the boost economic growth.

The Governor disclosed that before he came, the old Sunday Market was being managed by the Damaturu Local Government Council.

“That was the case since the creation of our state over 28 years ago,” he said.

“But times have changed. With the dilapidated and inadequate structures in the market and the urgent need to boost economic growth, we thought we needed to intervene at the state level; and this is exactly what we are doing right now.

“We are confident that this would ensure that we have in place here in the state capital a standard and appropriate business environment and a one-stop location for all kinds of items and products”, he said.

Over a year after, the contractor, Bala Goni, who is also the Project Engineer of Euro Afric Energy, told an online medium,  Neptune Prime the market has reached an advanced stage and would be handed over to the state government in few weeks.

When finally handed to the Yobe government, the people of Damatiru would have a mega-market with  800 shops, abattoir, administrative building, fencing, exit gates,  gatehouses, conveniences and vehicles’ parking space.

The market would also be having nice concrete pavements, mosques, roads and drainages, electrification equipment, water supply, fire service and police outposts.

Engineer Goni said the initial handing over date was supposed to be in December 2020, but the target was not achieved due reasons he did not go deep in explaining. 

“However we have completed the shops and other important structures. What remains is laying asphalt and building the concrete pavement you are seeing.

“Right now we are applying Plaster of Paris and next week, by God’s grace, we will lay tiles,” he said.

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