Unbelievable! Nigerians Drag Kannywood Actress For Celebrating Being A Virgin at 26 

By Abdulkareem Haruna

Wonders, they say, shall never end. A Nigerian female Kannywood actress, Nafeesah Abdullahi, is being cyberbullied for celebrating her virginity at 26. 

Miss Abdullahi, a famous face of Kannywood, popular with the trending Soap drama, Labarina, recently took to her Twitter handle to celebrate that she was still a virgin at 26. 

The beautiful lady with natural, unbleached dark skin stirred a wild reaction from her followers, most of whom dragged her by commenting rudely and lasciviously on her post when she said, “26 years and still a virgin❤️.” 

It’s not clear if Nafeesah who is supposed to be 32 years old was referring to her past or present state of being, her post. According to Wikipedia, the daughter of a famous car dealer, and graduate of London School of Photography, was born on January 23, 1991.

Those who were angered or perhaps jealous of her accomplishments did not hide their resentment, as they even said being a virgin was not something a lady at 26 should be proud of. 

But a few decent souls who value virtues over social media inquiries had praised and even prayed for her. 

Interestingly, most, if not all, of the commentators were male. No single female came to her rescue. This is even when some men have to go to their village in search of a virgin wife.

Though being a virgin does not define a woman of virtue in this modern world, it is still worth applauding when one who has every reason to get disciplined lost somehow manages to keep herself for her husband. Yes, some women lost their virginity due to peer pressure, some due to survival, and some because somebody raped them. 

Understandably, a rape survivor could be saddened to see one who was lucky to keep her virginity celebrating it, but that does not make Nafeesah Abdullahi’s case a wrong one. 

Below are some of the comments that harangued her tweet:-

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