NGO Trains Women on Sustainable Leadership in Borno

By Rukaiyatu Idris and Zainab Yetunde Adam 

A selection of 80 women from different faith based organizations in Borno state were recently engaged in a whole day training on sustainable leadership. 

The workshop was organized by Allamin Foundation for Peace and Development with support from International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN) in Borno state. 

The training facilitator, Muhammad Abdullahi, informed participants that the workshop became imperative because the role of leadership is not about an individual but the people he or she is serving.

“Leadership requires  character because good leadership can only be achieved when a leader is purposeful, effective and ethical,” he said. 

Mr Abdullahi explained that the skill of leadership is different from management. 

“A leader is someone who carries people  along, ensures that the objective of a particular association is being achieved and that he has not trampled on the rights and privileges of any other person and ensures that everybody is happy and satisfied with what he is doing while a manager is concerned about for instance if the organization is concerned about profit making, is focused on achieving profit regardless of whether people are satisfied or not,” the facilitator said. 

The one-day workshop had the women drilled in various theories and practical sessions of leadership which was targeted at empowering them to effectively partake in the governance of their community. 

Participants Response 

At the end of the training, most of the women expressed happiness on how the intervention had turned around their perspectives on the leadership roles they too can play as stakeholders in their communities. 

“This training has changed my perception on leadership, Aishatu Muhammad Aisami, the State Coordinator Women in Da’awah, Borno State Chapter, who was one of the 80 participants in the leadership training, said. 

According to her the training was a first of its kind the foundation had organized, especially for Women in Da’awah, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) women wing, mothers of victims of detention, women detainees, Muslim and Christian widows among others, in order to prime them as advocates for Peace and Development.

Mrs Aisami noted though the training was a ninth in the series of workshop the Allamin Foundation was organising for the women, the Leadership session was different from other trainings. 

“It enlightened us on tolerance, peaceful coexistence, running Peace clubs in school, and building capacity of women Faith Based Organisations (FBOs) and Jire-Dole  Network members for inclusive Peace in the state because peace and leadership determines the stability of a society,” she said. 

Another participant Sarah John, who is a member of Christian Widows Association, said she would be downstepping  the knowledge acquired to her members with a bid to  sensitize them in their respective organizations, as well as Communities, that leadership is about carrying people along and working in unison.

Rejoice Clement, another trainee, said the workshop educated her further on the need for continuous sensitization especially on living in harmony and shunning ethnic and religious differences in every walk of life.

Aisha Gaidam, the Programme Manager of Al-FOPED, a local NGO, avised the women to use the capacity-building training acquired from the foundation to mentor other members of their organization for better representation, Peace, and overall development.

“Having adequate knowledge of leadership will help in peacebuilding and development across the state,” she said. 

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