World’s richest man raises the alarm over the near end of humankind on earth

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has today, Sep. 2, said the extinction of humanity is near. He made this clairvoyant remark published in a BBC article about the extinction of dinosaurs.

The tech billionaire who was quoted in a report by said the death of humanity is quite close, and it “will happen again, just a matter of time.”

According to the BBC article, the asteroid, which ended mammoth animals like Cretaceous, took with prominent dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops, including lesser-known but strange animals like Anzu or the chicken from hell.

The article also stated that the planet’s former inhabitants were taken over by small rodents that looked like animals like the Purgatorius.

People react to Musk’s theory

Report said many of the billionaire’s followers believed his theory. One stated that 10 per cent of Earth had witnessed about 5 per cent of major mass extinctions in the past. He said that there had been extinctions every 50-100 million years.

Musk had claimed in another tweet about Artificial Intelligence taking over humankind and running the world. He also said the situation would be like the one from The Terminator.


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