2023 Budget: 20 New Projects Zulum Plans To Achieve If…

By Abdulkareem Harna

Governor of Borno state, Babagana Zulum, has yesterday reeled out 20 ambitious projects he intends to execute in the coming year(s) should the Borno state House of Assembly pass the proposed budget and the voting population of the state grant him another mandate beyond May 2023. 

The governor in May 2019, when he came to power, promised to carry out various projects that cut across the war-ravaged state. Top amongst the promises he made were building flyovers at the Post Office roundabout and the Customs area; erecting Mega schools; rebuilding destroyed communities, constructing roads, rebuilding destroyed public infrastructure, closing of camps; setting up new MDAs for effective governance, etc. 

The governor has, to a large extent, achieved most of the promises he made especially within the first and second years of his time as a governor. His media aides celebrated his 100 projects in one hundred days which cast him as the cynosure of good governance in Nigeria. 

But Governor Zulum has not been able to accomplish all that he promised to do within the first four years of his nearly completed first tenure. These setbacks, as the governor recently explained, were not unconnected with the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic which crumbled most economies. 

For example, the Post Office Flyover has not been constructed but the Customs multideck over the bridge has been commissioned. The governor has embarked on mass city roads and dualization of roads in Maiduguri. He has built several mega schools, hundreds of houses of resettlement communities, etc. 

With only about five months to the end of his tenure, Governor Zulum has on Wednesday approached the State Legislators with a budget proposal to the tune of ₦234,831,950,000.00. 

He wanted part of that quantum of funds to complete all of the ongoing projects before his tenure ends on May 29, 2023. And the other part is to embark “to Lift the embargo promotion and implementation of promotional benefits.”

Zulum said his “plan is to drill 54 Hybrid Powered Boreholes in each of the 24 Local Government Areas.”

“We also plan to construct Three (3) water works in MMC and Jere; to construct water works in Azare Town of Hawul Local Government Area; and “to Establish 60 Hectares sprinkler irrigation systems in 6 Local Government areas of the State to enhance crop production.’

The governor said if reelected he plans “to construct Nine (9) Earth Dams in the State.”

“We Plan to construct Teachers’ quarters in Biu, Hawul, Dikwa, and Gajiram Towns of the State.

”We Plan to establish 3 Mega Higher Islamic Colleges in Gwoza, Bama and Kukawa Local Government Areas of the State,” and “to construct additional 10 Mega Community Schools in the State.

“We plan to construct 500 Housing Units in Biu and Magumeri Local Government Areas.

”We Plan to construct Fly-over at Borno Express Junction

”We Plan to construct a Dual carriage road from Shehu’s roundabout to Songhai.

”We plan to complete the construction of 500 Housing Units in Logumani and Gajibo Towns.

”We also plan on Establishment of Schools of Nursing in Gwoza and Monguno.

“We plan to construct a by-pass from Kano Road to Gubio road.

“We Plan to construct a township road in Monguno.

”We plan to complete Maiduguri – Bama Road.

“We also plan to complete Damboa – Chibok.

“We Plan procurement of 312 Agricultural implements (Harrows and Ploughs) for our 312 Tractors that were procured by my predecessor for onward distribution to all the 312 wards in the State.”

Governor Zulum the proposed total sum of N234,831,950,000.00 which he budgeted for the 2023 fiscal year, is made up  of  N144,175,033,000.00 for capital expenditure and N90,656,917,000.00 for recurrent expenditure to be financed from Recurrent Revenue of N137,846,861,000.00 which will comprise FAAC Revenue of N67,981,950,000

Internally Generated Revenue of N33,171,306,000.00 Value Added Tax of N30,193,605,000.00 and other Federation Account sources of N6,500,000,000.00. 

He said the budget will also be financed by capital receipts of N95,685,089,000.00 comprising loans and Grants.

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