Trouble in Borno PDP as members suspend own state chairman over alleged misconducts 

“ I remain the Chairman; they have no constitutional grounds to remove me”


Members of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Borno state have today June 30, passed a resolution dispensing their state champion,  Zanna Gaddama. 

Mr Gaddama who has been a factional chairman of the party since his election in 2017 until a Supreme Court ruling validated his mandate in January this year, is now being accused of financial misappropriation, breach of relevant sections of party’s constitution, anti-party activities and highhandedness. 

These allegations were however debunked by the party Mr Gaddama  who described the entire process the aggrieved group followed to call for his suspension as “childish and unconstitutional”. 

The state working committee led by the deputy state chairman said it had convened a meeting the previous day where far-reaching decisions were taken against the state Chairman. 

But the embattled party chairman who claimed he was in Bauchi attending the party’s zonal meeting, said those calling for his suspension did not meet the basic requirements as stipulated in the party’s constitution to even convene the meeting. 

However, at the end of the meeting a communique issued and signed by the state organising secretary, Umar Bello found Mr Gaddama in “breach of Section 58 a, b, c, d, f and j of the PDP Constitution/2017.

The Section 58. (1) of the PDP Constitution reads; “Subject to the provisions of this Constitution, the Party shall have the power to discipline any member who: (a) Commits any breach of the Party’s Constitution, and or Manifesto; (b) Says or does anything likely to bring the party into disrepute, hatred or contempt; (c) Disobeys or neglects to carry out lawful directives of the party or any  organ or officer of the party; (d) Engages in dishonest practices, defrauds the party, its members or officials; (e) Is persistently absent from meetings or other official duties; (f) Engages in anti-party activities.”

The Borno PDP Organising Secretary, Umar Bello who addressed the press amidst tight security at the party’s secretariat said Mr Gaddama was found wanting in allegations of “Financial misappropriation and recklessness with funds of the party.

He is also involved in “Anti-party activities, and disregard to complaints of promotion of factions thereby creating disharmony among faithful.”

“After extensive deliberation, the following resolution was reached: 

“Under powers bestowed on this meeting by section 53(3), Hon. Zanna Gaddama Mustapha is suspended for one month pending further investigation.

“The state deputy chairman Hon. Bunu Garba Satomi should immediately assume duty in action capacity during the period of his suspension.

I remain the PDP chairman – Gaddama

Premium Times had contacted Mr Gaddama on phone and he denied all the allegations heaped around the grounds for his suspension. 

“I am currently in Bauchi attending the PDP zonal meeting as the chairman of the Borno state chapter and as far as my informed knowledge of the party’s constitution is concerned they have no right to call for the so-called meeting in the first instance,” he said. 

“It is only the chairman of the party that has the right to call for a meeting of the SWC and if he fails to do that at the time it is needed, then they can formally write the chairman on the need to call a meeting. If I fail to comply then they can go ahead and secure a two-thirds of the SWC to call a meeting. But the question is have they informed me? No. Have they secured a two-thirds (⅔)? No.  For Gid same how can six out of 14 members of the SWC pretend they have formed a quorum? 

“I am the chairman and I will continue to be until the constitution finds me short of the criteria for continuing to be in office,” Mr Gaddama said. 

On the alleged financial misappropriation and other breaches of the party’s constitution, Mr Gaddama who promised to address the press upon his return from Bauch said: “For God’s sake, who gave me money that was misappropriated? If they have anything against me, let them come out clear with evidence. 

On the issue of refusal to call a meeting the party chairman said “the last time we had our SWC meeting was in April, during the Ramadan, and after that, we were all engaged with pre-election matters and that did not give anyone a chance to sit for any meeting. Before then, we usually hold regular meetings at least once in three weeks. 

“I have always wanted to unite the party, and the way and manner we had our last primaries in Borno were evident that I am out for a united PDP. It is to insinuate that I am the one trying to divide a party that I have made so much sacrifice to bring back to life. I have called on all our loyal party members to remain calm and we shall address the issues when we return and also dig to find where this distraction is coming from.” 

The PDP in Borno has, since the return of democracy in 1999, remained in perpetual opposition with its electoral goodwill weakening at a steady pace due to internal wranglings that are mostly over leadership tussles. 

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