Over-Reliance on Military Won’t End Lake Chad War  – FC MNJTF

seamless funding mechanism” for military operations will…

General Abdul-Khalifa Ibrahim, a  Force Commander (FC) at the  Multinational Joint Taskforce (MNJTF) had on Friday advocated the need for “multidimensional lines of operations” as a strategy aimed at ending the Boko Haram conflict “rather than over-reliance on the military line of operation alone”.

The FC who said this while delivering  a lecture on Thursday February 24 2022 at the National Defence College (NDC) Abuja also listed lack of “seamless funding mechanism” for military operations as major causes of the protracted Boko Haram war.

Doing justice to the Lecture titled “Counter Terrorism/Counter Insurgency Operations and   National Security in Nigeria: The MNJTF In Perspective”, the Field Commander said society must key into every counterinsurgency operations for it to succeed.

General Khalifa-Ibrahim who was addressing the participants of NDC course 30 also took time to give the background, force structure and operational achievements of the MNJTF for a better understanding.

According to Colonel Muhammad Dole, a Chief of Military Public Information, Generla Khalifa-Ibrahim further harped on the issues and challenges that affect the MNJTF in its counter insurgency and counter terrorism operations.

“He particularly harped on interoperability and funding of the Force, stressing the need to have seamless funding mechanism for the Force and offered measures to improve operability of the Force.”

“The FC was emphatic on the need to have multidimensional lines of operations aimed at ending the conflict rather than over reliance on the military line of operation alone. He advocated for a whole of society approach in ending the Insurgency and other security challenges,” Coonel Dole said.

While summing up the Course 30 Lecture, the Deputy Commandant of the NDC, Major General Emeka Onuma thanked the Guest Lecturer (FC MNJTF) “for a well researched and delivered lecture.”

General Onumajuru, hoped that the issues and challenges brought up in the lecture, “should galvanize the participants to seek possible solutions to them.

He firther tasked the participants to find out “why the Lake Chad Basin was particularly attractive to the insurgents.”

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