Osun’s Oyetola fulfills yet another major campaign promise❗

..Every abandoned project diminishes our people and compromises the desired economic development and transformation of our State. 

Governor Oyetola

There is a noble saying that people with good intentions make promises ; and people with good character keep them.

On this matter, Governor Oyetola of Osun state has proven beyond every shade of doubts that he is indeed a man of good character.

It is not in the editorial style of The Humanitarian Times to eulogize folks in the corridors of power, but when the action of a leader impacts significantly on the socio-economic well being of a citizenry, standards are set aside, because it takes a humanitarian to work in the best interest of the common man.

Today, the Governor of Osun state did another remarkable thing when he led in the cutting of tape to usher in yet another landmark project.

The Ada-Igbajo-road, a road that was forsaken over 33 years ago by successive governments including the ones that preceded the creation of the state. 

Those abreast with the political development of Osun state would testify that the Ada-Igbajo road was one of the oldest roads in the state. It was first constructed by the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, when he was the Premier of the defunct Western Region in the mid-50s.

There was an attempt to reconstruct the road some three decades later by the then military government of old Oyo State. The not too qualitative job was done and the road would soon become a death trap for all manners of commuters. The bad state of the road plagued the life of the people as they had to gallop through taking potholes and gullies to get to their destinations.

Governor Oyetola flanked by officials unveils the plaque during the road commissioning. Photo credit: Osun Gov’t Press

Many governments that ruled Osun had one time or the other paid lip services to fixing the historic road, but all ended as failed pledges. 

When Governor Oyetola campaigned around the nooks and crannies of Osun, some years back, he made carefully thought out promises to the good people of Osun state and that included the reconstruction of many notable roads like Ada-Igbajo road amongst others.

He described the gesture as a fulfilment of yet another promise made saying “it is another proof of our commitment to our avowed resolve to unleash road construction on the State for its socio-economic transformation.”

Governor Oyetola believes that having good and pliable roads  “stimulate the socio-economic activities and open up the benefiting communities to rapid transformation, which is in sync with Development Agenda for Osun State.

That was why on September 1, 2020, he saw to the flag-off of the reconstruction of the road. And within just a year and some months, Governor Oyetola delivered a brand new pathway to alleviate the decades of suffering of the people of Ada and Igbajo.

Governor Oyetola, a man associated with prudent management of public resources, informed that the reconstruction of  Ada-Igbajo road was not conceived because of a need to fulfil a campaign promise but also for its strategic importance as it is central to the tourism and hospitality potential of the State. Those who know Osun very well can attest that the road “stretches to Igbajo, the home of the Great Kiriji war site, and the ultra-modern Miccom Golf Hotels and Resort in Ada.”

While thanking the contractors for turning in the project on time and in strict adherence to the contractual agreement, Governor Oyetola recalled what he said during the flag-off of this road last year. That “every abandoned project diminishes our people and compromises the desired economic development and transformation of our State”. 

The express Igbajo-Ada road. Photo credit: Osun gov’t Press

The Humanitarian Times has been keenly following the unfolding development in Osun state since Oyetola took over the mantle of office, and is aware that the current government is also undertaking vast road construction and rehabilitation, we have, as a government, and completion of all the uncompleted roads he inherited from predecessor including Federal Roads.

Oyetola believes “engagement in meaningful infrastructure and economic endeavours to achieve the economic transformation and equitable development of our major towns and villages is our irrevocable resolve as an Administration”.

“We shall continue to embark on these initiatives in line with our Development Agenda, the challenges of resources and the Coronavirus pandemic, notwithstanding.

He reminded the people that their peace and your continued cooperation as a people “are essential currencies for achieving more development”.

He, therefore, urged them “to continue to live together in peace” and to support his government policies and programmes “so that we can, together, achieve our desired peace and development,” he added.

The happiest man at the event, talking of the Asiwaju of Igbajoland, Chief Adegboyega Solomon Awomolo, SAN, praised the government of Oyetola “for taking his word as his bond”.

The monarch who was well represented by one Engineer Sola Alalade, said the reconstruction had ended the people’s years of torture and despair, having gone through years when the people couldn’t ply the road to engage in their farming and socio-economic activities.

“We remember very well that, when you visited Igbajo to celebrate the 32nd Igbajo Day with us in 2019, you promised that the road would be reconstructed,” the monarch recalled.

“Today, the road is now being inaugurated. For this and the many opportunities given to our sons and daughters to serve in various arms of your government, we are very grateful,”.

The reconstructed road now enables commuters plying bet we Osogbo and Igbajo to get to their destination in less than 45 minutes as against the over an hour that motorists used to do.

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